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This is my student Josh Lovett.

He is now a 14 year old guitar student from a home school family. He has been taking guitar lessons from me for 7 years. Currently he is taking lessons via Skype. He is an amazing and talented young  man.. see for yourself.


Music is one of my favorite things. Whether playing an instrument or simply listening to it, I couldn’t imagine my life without music. I’ve been playing guitar and taking lessons with Ms. Patty for seven years. We mostly work on older fingerpicking songs and music reading.But whether I’m playing a simple reading exercise, or taking months to at least passably perform Sting’s  “Shape of my Heart.”  I always have tons of fun learning about and playing music. It helps me relax and gives me something to focus on. Learning music is challenging, but rewarding. Playing softer and slower songs, like Don Mclean’s “Vincent” gives a feeling of peace and serenity. While playing something more upbeat like the Beatles’ “Blackbird” or Taj Mahal’s “Fishin’ Blues” is invigorating, and just plain fun.

Music saved me during a difficult time in my life. I used it as an emotional outlet and escape when my sister passed away eight months ago. Spending most of my time locked in my room with my guitar, I began writing music. Though I was already starting on a song before, it was coming along slowly and I only had a faint idea of a verse and chorus. But I quickly finished it and since then, I’ve written seven more.

Of course, none of that would be possible without the teachings of the amazing, caring, and brilliant Mrs. Patty Moore. Even when I forget to practice, she’s always kind and patient, and inspires me to become a better musician and person. She’s very supportive with the music I write, and has been a wonderful friend and mentor for the better part of my life. I will be forever grateful to Ms. Patty for showing me the beauty in music; I couldn’t imagine taking lessons from anyone else.  Josh Lovett,  April 12, 2014



Josh's mother, Iris Lovett.  "Josh LOVES his Skype lessons from Charlotte, and we all get our Patty "fix" each week!  :)"


Josh's Father. James Lovett: "Patty Moore is the finest guitar teacher that I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. She has been teaching my son, Josh, guitar for the last four years. Josh has had other teachers and none have had the patience or skill that Mrs. Moore has with her students. Josh has benefited from Mrs. Moore’s years of musical knowledge. He has learned over a dozen songs at performance level and even recorded his own version of Dust in the Wind as a result of Mrs. Moore’s excellent instruction. Josh continues to learn new music and techniques and will probably continue with his musical pursuits for the rest of his life under Mrs. Moore’s tutelage. 

I recommend her and endorse her as the best, kindest and most caring teacher of music that I have ever met."       

James Lovett, (The Lovett Law Firm) (Go to Video page to see and hear Josh play guitar.)


From Evan's parents:  As homeschooling parents who want the best learning opportunities for our children, we have utilized many programs and instructors along our educational path.  Our son Evan has a passion for music, and we can say without reservation that Patty Moore has been one of the highlights of our schooling experience—a true “find,” like a Renoir in a thrift store bargain bin. Yes, she is a highly skilled musician with an extensive knowledge of theory and performance. Yes, she is adept at coaxing and nurturing our son’s talent. But she is more than that; there is something special about her that endeared her to our family from the start. She is pure kindness. Her warm and loving manner would melt the hardest of hearts, and we cannot imagine a single pupil not thriving under her tutelage. We give her our highest recommendation as a music teacher, and consider ourselves blessed to be among her clientele.

Sincerely, Stuart and Normandy Aga

January 2013  (You can hear Evan and I play flute duets on Youtube on the Saxicat channel)  


 My name is Evan, and I am 13 years old. I have been taking flute lessons for five months, and I am in love with this instrument. So far my favorite styles of music to play are Celtic and French classical. I also like the smooth sounds of jazz. I was first drawn to the flute when I heard an Irish song played on one in a YouTube video. It sounded marvelous, and I wanted to be able to play like that. Soon thereafter, I started taking lessons with Patty Moore at Pfluger-Rock School of Music. Patty is an excellent teacher.  She creates a friendly learning environment and is very patient, even when instead of a high C, I make a noise that sounds like a badly injured moose. Patty knows a lot about music theory, and she explains it in a very clear way. Her love for the flute is evident in her teaching, and I would recommend her to anyone who wants to learn this beautiful instrument—and have a lot of fun in the process. (Evan's picture is on the left.)


From my student Collin Rufty. 

Dear Mrs. Moore, 

I am writing this letter as a friendship letter for school. I decided to choose to write to you because your one of my dearest friends. First, I wanted to say thanks for all of your saxophone lessons. I always -look- forward to Mondays.  Second, some people may think

it's odd to have an adult as a friend, but I don't. You've been a person who has been there for me. Even if I do have 30 minute lessons, once a week, we get a lot of things accomplished. You're a great musician and someday I hope to grow up and have the same job as you. It would be a job where I wouldn't get up every morning and say, "I hate my job." Whenever I would unpack my saxophone I would look back and say, "I had an amazing saxophone teacher." Thank you SO much for all you do and it is greatly appreciated! (^. ^) 

Sincerely,  Collin Rufty 



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